Beneath Paris I Sleep

Last weekend we went to France. Hubby wanted to check out an exhibition in Thiers to see if it would be worth his while to sell his things there next year. 

We stayed in the lovely village of Villegenon. Quiet and surrounded by fields with lushes green. We had the whole house to ourselves. Miss Ginger, our dog, had the time of her life chasing mice and causing the farmer’s cows to stampede across the land. She was so proud! I don’t think they ever saw a dog. They responded only to her bark. I think she would make an excellent cow-herder. Must check how she does with sheep.

The last day we went to Paris. We never went to the catacombs. The queue is so long. It was this time as well, but we persevered. If you’ve never been there, like me, you’re in for an ‘in-complete-awe-moment’. It is shocking to realize how many people are buried there. Literally millions and millions and they’re all piled up. 

Also the size of the place. The part where we were allowed in, is 1/800 of the entire place! Yes, you read that number correctly. It’s immense! The catacombs run beneath the entire city of Paris.
Let me tell you, not the place to take your ouija board. It’s all very fascinating and interesting when the lights are on and you can read the historical signs. It’s another story when they have power failure and you’re stuck down there with your iPhone running low on 20% and you’re trying to save your batteries because you don’t know how long it will take. I’m just saying.
As a writer, I have a way too imaginitive mind, which is usually a good thing. Who knows, there might be a ghost story in there somewhere along the way.
If you’re ever visiting the city of romance, it’s well worth the wait. Not very romantic though, but it will be interesting. And who knows, you might get lucky. They might have a power failure! Just to get you in the mood, I’ll leave you with a little trailer.
Sweet dreams folks!