The Prophecies! Book 2 of The Sentinel Series by Holly Martin

The Prophecies, Book 2 of The Sentinel Series by Holly Martin will be published on October 1st, a week today and here is the stunning cover.

The world is a big place, will Eve really be the one to save it?

Eve grows stronger and more powerful every day as she strives to ensure she is ready to face her destiny. But some of her gifts are unwelcome. Eve’s visions of the future become darker and those she loves are in terrible danger. But when her actions result in tragedy, Eve is called before The Oraculum, the council that created her.
When she is summoned to their castle she becomes aware of a rift between the council members that not only could endanger her life, but could put the whole planet at risk. Would The Oraculum really turn against her and risk everything?
But in the darkness, a light burns bright. Her love for Seth is stronger than any of her powers.
But as she battles against a new threat, can she really forsake those closest to her in order to save the world? Will everyone Eve loves survive?

The Sentinel, Book 1 of the series is only 77p/99c so if you haven’t read it yet you can download it here

About the author

Martin lives in sunny Bedfordshire in a house with round windows. She studied media at university which led to a very glitzy career as a hotel receptionist followed by a even more glamorous two years working in a bank. The moment that one of her colleagues received the much coveted carriage clock for fifteen years service was the moment when she knew she had to escape. Martin quit her job and returned to university to train to be a teacher. Three years later, she emerged wide eyed and terrified that she now had responsibility for the development of thirty young minds. Holly taught for four years before History Off The Page came to her school to do a Tudor day. She now drives round the country in her little white van, dressing up as a Viking one day and an Egyptian High Priestess the next.

Martin loves to write. In her own words: “The characters do exactly what I want them to do, most of the time. Sometimes they do seem to go off and do their own thing without my permission. It is complete escapism into a world where I have full control.”

She’s been writing for five years now, every spare second Martin has, she’s scribbling ideas in a notebook or typing a scene on her laptop.

Changing Casanova, her first novel, was shortlisted for the 2012 Festival of Romance New Talent Award. Her short story, One Hundred Proposals won the Belinda Jones Travel Club short story competition and was published in the Sunlounger anthology alongside some of her favourite authors including, Belinda Jones, Miranda Dickinson and Rosie Blake. Her debut novel, The Sentinel, a YA fantasy adventure story, was published on 16th October 2013. She won the Carina Valentine’s competition at the Festival of Romance in 2013 and her first chicklit book, The Guestbook was published by them in February 2014 and subsequently went on to reach No.5 in the Amazon UK chart. Her second book One Hundred Proposals was published in June and has recently been shortlisted for Best Romantic Read at the Festival of Romance. The Guestbook has also been shortlisted for two awards, Best ebook and Innovation in Romantic Fiction.