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Just a few more days and we’ll be leaving for my beloved Sweden. Two weeks of peaceful bliss in a breathtaking environment. Needless to say I’m counting the days.
Looking forward to see my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and my friends Marry, Rene and their two amazing boys. 

Packing is turning out to be a bit of a challenge. With Christmas and work, I haven’t had a lot of time to actually think what I should bring along. And think about it I should. Sweden can become cold quick. Very quick. So the trick is layers. Lots of layers. And my running gear. And my horse-riding gear. And my harp. I think I need a bigger suitcase.

My trusty laptop is coming along as well, of course. Good thing too, as I really need a good kick in the butt right about now. I need to make some serious progress on The Empath. Now The Bridge has been released, I can turn my full focus on my trilogy again. As my internt connection is kind of crap, I should be able to focus more easily. That’s the theory at least and I’m sticking with it!

I wish you all a loving and healthy 2016 and above all, a bit of magic in your life. So I’ll leave you with this slightly altered quote.

Without magic, life would be a mistake.

Nietzsche (on a magical day 😉)

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The Bridge Between Yesterday and Tomorrow – Release Day!

Today my first short story will see the light of day. The Bridge Between Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Pianist Donna Verdell kindly provided the music for this book trailer. When it’s Raining – from the collection Songs of Summer.

The Bridge is inspired on my time in Sweden. I visit regularly as my family-in-law lives there. The Dalarna area is just so beautiful, so magical, it’s not hard to imagine a world beyond our vision, our knowledge. A world of trolls. Not scary looking trolls, but different. From us, anyway.
Eydis is such a troll. She’s a girl who falls in love with a human boy. As we’re not supposed to know trolls exist, you can see how this is going to be a problem.

Writing a short-story has been a real challenge for me. How to create a whole world and fascinating characters with just a few words? Jack Croxall has been a true inspiration. His short stories X and Dylan blew me away! They are so well-written and captivating, you just want to know more!

I wanted to create that same feeling. Of wanting more. At least it worked for me. I got so sucked into the world of Eydis, I think there’s definitely a larger story to be told. I’m not done with her world. Not saying there’s a Lord of the Rings in there, but definitely more, yes.

I truly hope you will feel the same. A big thank you goes out to my editor for The Bridge, the amazing Pam Elise Harris, you totally rock! If you have a minute, be sure to check out her own works. 

This book is also something of a family effort. I’m very proud of the cover, which was drawn by my own cousin Trudy v/d Bosch-Veldkamp. The poem featuring in The Bridge was made by my other cousin Tom van der Vlies. He just nailed the feeling I wanted to describe in the book. What was really special is that he wrote about a heart-shaped emerald in his poem without even knowing I’d actually written something along those lines in the book! How’s that for magic! The poem in Midwinter under the Bridge was created by me. Last but not least, my own husband, Maarten Bastiaan – a goldsmith – created the ring Eydis receives from her father. The emerald ring.

You can order The Bridge here from Amazon. UK or US in paperback or e-book.

And without further ado, here’s the cover! Yule blessings, happy holidays and a magical new year! X


“Hello human child. My name is Eydis. I’m a troll-girl who’s in big trouble. You see, I’ve fallen for one of your kind. A human boy. Talib. He’s just so nice – I can’t stay away from him. If my father finds out though, I don’t know what will happen. Humans are not supposed to know we exist and I just broke the rules. Oh, did I mention he’s also the king and I’m heir to the throne? Yes – like I said. Big trouble.” 

Deep in the woods, below the rocks and in the caves, there lies a world unknown to us. They are part of our stories though. Part of our heritage, our legends and myths. Trolls. However, they might not be what you expect them to be. What if you meet one of them? Would you believe your eyes? Would you be brave enough to follow them? To go on an adventure?

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Ramblings of a modern druidess…. who’s coming with me to Sweden?

Two times a year I go to Sweden to visit my brother-in-law and mother-in-law. One time in Summer and just after Christmas to spend New Year’s eve there. Our dog approves, little to no fireworks.

Each time I have to decide who comes along. Some are easy, as they weigh almost nothing, but you gotta have some paperbacks with you. I can’t do without the smell of freshly printed paper. Yes, I’m talking, once again, about books.

One is easy, as I’ve been saving it especially for Sweden. Part two of the Sentinel series by Holly Martin, The Prophecies.

Can’t believe I managed to wait this long, it’s practically screaming in my bookcase: ‘read me, read me!’ But I’m trying to be strong and save it for later, so I can read it in Sweden. Thunderlands by Stewart Bint is certainly coming along for the ride, but I might start Timeshaft before reading his latest collection of short stories.

Another paperback, which is also sitting patiently in one of my bookcases, waiting to be read, is Hopelessly Devoted To Holden Finn by Tilly Tennant. Yes, I think that one has earned a place in my suitcase. I could do with a bit of romance, glamour, drama and humor.

Last, but not least, I’m going to start Wings Of Light by Lloyd Baron. It’s been ogling me for ages and I confess to have read the first few pages already. Had to slam it shut with an immense effort on my part, promises to be a captivating book.

So there you have it, my Sweden collection for the festive season. Picture a forest and rocky hills, as far as the eye can see. Lakes frozen over, surrounding me, while the moose’s cry pierces through the sky. This is where I will be reading, in the magical area of Dalarna, Lady of the Lakes.

We still have a few weeks to go, but in my mind, I’m already there. See you soon, my beloved Sweden.

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Ramblings of a modern druidess

Preparing for Sweden. Tonight we’ll drive of into the dead of night for a 16-hour drive. You must be crazy, I hear you thinking. It’s actually not that bad, when you have two drivers. There’s also a possibility to dock on a boat for the night and drive on the next morning, but that’s just not for me. I prefer to drive. We should be arriving just before dinner and then I can crash early. Come Wednesday I’ll be fine again.

Bit nervous about giving two harp concerts by the lake there for the art- and cultural week. I hope it goes well. Thankfully I have a few more days of practice. Other than that, I’m going to write, write and write. Bit behind on The Empath and I need to get cracking.

Oh, and read. Jack Croxall’s Torn is coming with me. I first started Tethers in Sweden and I want to finish the trilogy there as well, it seems fitting. It was the perfect surroundings to read it in, as this part of Sweden is filled with these little villages where time stood still, it’s very Karl and Esther country. Can’t wait to find out how it ends. Hopefully I won’t have to hunt Jack down after reading the end.

The Silkworm is waiting for me as well and I have at least eight other books from author friends which I still have to read, so I’ll have no chance of getting bored.

Our Dutch team came in third and I’m very proud of them. It would have been great to play the finals against our neighbours, but it was not to be. Oh well, maybe in two years time. My little lions are once more in their bag in the attic, waiting for another go. At least I had great fun watching this World Championship and I even got to watch one of the games in my favourite London coffee hang-out, the Shoreditch Grind! It was a perfect night, thanks again guys for the sercive. I didn’t have to get up once during the game, they’re the greatest!

But from the hustle and bustle that is my beloved London, it’s on to the quiet of the Dalarna area. Internet access is very limited, so I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything.

Wishing you all a wonderful Summer, with lots of opportunity to enjoy the sun. xxx

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Ramblings of a modern druidess

Had a lovely Christmas day, but now we’re on the road. The road to Sweden. Land of cold, land of trees, land of, hopefully, the aurora borealius. For now though we still have over 15 hours to go.

I don’t mind, I like being on the road. Reaching your destination is also satisfactory, but travelling has its own charm. Connecting with the landscape, listening to your favourite music (guess who that will be ;-)) and just enjoy the ride.

I’ve never been to Sweden, only Denmark and I’m guessing that will be just as different as Germany or Belgium differs from us, so I don’t really know what to expect.

That’s okay though, driving towards the unknown has its own magic. Right now, I’m staring at endless windmills, a mist swirls around their feet, while the Sun is trying to break through, it is a rather pretty sight.

As for Sweden, I’m going to try to learn your language and just soak up the country. Looking forward to get to know you and your people. See you soon.

Happy holidays people, stay safe! xxx