Magical Beasts & Creatures

It’s been a while since my latest blog. Obviously I’ve been busy with promoting The Empath, but unfortunately I also took a nasty spill of my horse and completely smashed my right foot.

Thankfully surgery went well, but it does mean I’m home bound till early August, at the very least. 

So, plenty of time to write book III of The Fire Trilogy, but also time for something else. 

My cousin, Tom van der Vlies, is a poet as well, so we decided to take on a project together. Inspired by JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we’re in the process of creating twenty poems.

Tom will handle the magical beasts and I will take on ten magical creatures. Some may be familiar to you from the books or the movie, others may not. 

It may take a while before we have it published, but eventually you will be able to buy the complete collection. 

To give you some incentive, here are the first two of Magical Beasts & Creatures!

Magical Beasts ( part 1 of 10 )

My bedroom slowly fades

Into the darkest of shades

My heart expectantly awaits

The galopping of dreams
I enter a realm of legendry

Wonder, magic , mystery

Genteless and also purity,

A horn appears, silver gleams
A flash of light so bright

Sprinkles stardust unto night

Like a comet in full flight

A whinnying of starbeams 
Their is a unicorn at play

Just going his own way

I wish that he would stay

Untamable, so he seems
He will roam forever free

In that place I cannot be

Untill I graze eternity

I’ll ride you in my dreams


Hello new year, what will you bring?
Will you bring us joy and happiness or pain and sadness?

I am what you make of me, the new year replies
I am not responsible for who lives and who dies

What I can give you is twelve months time to shape my year
It is up to you whether I’ll become something you love or fear

I’m always off to a great start
With champagne and fireworks lighting up the sky
Remember that feeling and carry it with you in your heart

That way, when my successor 2018 arrives
I will have brought only joy and happiness in your livesimg_6518


Ramblings of a modern druidess – Brian…

I neglect to retrieve my mail. It happens. Quite often actually. So it wasn’t until today, on a Sunday no less, that I discovered the long awaited book had arrived. Selected, by Brian Molko aka my muse.

First surprise was the size, I thought it would be bigger, but it’s the same size as my other little poetry books and it oozes the same vibe. I like it. Granted, after a first quick glance I was a bit disappointed to discover it’s just the lyrics, except for the introduction, which is just lovely. No explanations what the lyrics are about, why it is special to him or when/where it was written.

But then I realized, that is not fair of me. Not fair at all. Placebo rarely publishes full lyrics. Of course there are many fan sites who have taken up this task with a passionate and fanatic gleam in their eyes, but even they get it wrong. And quite regularly, if my muse is to be believed. So he’s setting the record straight. And without the aid of the music, the words come through more clearly, they are stripped naked, as is he, for all the world to see. It must have been quite a nerve-wracking experience to actually go through with this.

Maybe you’ll think me mad as a snake, but I already started to make it my own by adding notes and words of my own, highlighting some parts, words that give me new ideas for my book and reading lyrics of songs I never really liked. Suddenly they have an entirely new meaning. How refreshing!

There was an option to have it signed. I did not take it. Don’t get me wrong, if you ordered a signed copy, more power to you, but it just didn’t appeal to me. I did sign my own book for him, as well as for Stefan and Steve, but that was different. Their music inspired The Elemental, so naturally they deserved to have a personalized copy.

If our paths cross and the moment is right, I might ask him to sign it. But if it’s not in the cards, it’s not. For now, I’m perfectly content to snuggle up next to the fire, with my coffee in one hand, Selected in the other. Thank you Bee, for giving the perfect Yule gift xxx


Loud Like Love

I wrote this poem based on a dream I had and it fits nicely after my latest blog, so just something in between blogs, enjoy 🙂

When the music starts to play
And the lights are dimmed
Shadows spread across the room
As the first sound comes my way

I close my eyes
To hear even better
What it is you have to say

No line of defense
Towards the thousands facing you
Just you and your emotions
And I slightly tense

I close my eyes
To feel even better
What it is you have to say

Your energy is holding
Tonight you’re in a good place
My muscles relax
As I feel you move with grace

I open my eyes
To see even better
What it is you have to say

Live your life
Loud, like love
Because love
Love will always find a way