How I met Philip Carr Gomm

I first met Philip in 2004. I had seen him before at lectures or festivals in the Netherlands, but we never spoke. So many people seemed to want his attention, and I understood why from the start. Philip has that special something some people have. You gravitate towards them. My personal opinion? Because they are good for your soul. They radiate light. He has it. In abundance, and people see and feel that.

Philip how I remember him when we first met in 2004

Flashback to April 2004. The Elf Fantasy Fair is coming up and for the first 􏰀time at Castle Keukenhof. Me and my friends are a􏰁ttending and Torc, my druid friend, is excited for me to meet the Order’s Chief, who will be there to give a lecture. My friend thinks the Order is just what I need to learn how to control my ‘abilities’ and privately I agreed with him, but I still wanted to know more, before I would make such an important decision. I wanted to read at least one book written by the Order’s Chosen Chief and as it was s􏰀till early, I walked over to the stand where the OBOD was represented to browse the books spread out on the table. Druid Mysteries spoke to me the most and I decided to buy that one.

A curly haired man smiled at me and asked if I would like something written in the book.

I remember thinking; “That’s so sweet, these people must be really committed to their order.”

And replied in the affirmative . I never looked inside, just put the book in my bag and paid. He looked at me again and stared into my eyes. The hairs in my neck stood up as I felt my normal defence wall crumble. He handed me a folder of the Order. I thanked him and started to walk away when he spoke to me.

“It’s en􏰀tirely up to you of course, but wicca might not be your only way.” He looked over to my group of friends and smiled at me. It was an open, friendly smile and he left me utterly confused. Who the hell was this man?

As I joined the others of my group, my druid friend looked pleased.

“I see you’ve met our Chief,” he said and I stared at him. A sense of dread slowly crawled into my stomach. Surely not? In my defence, I’d never even seen a picture of our Chosen Chief, I had no idea what the good man looked like. Of course he asked to write something in the book, he wrote the damn thing!

I asked the question I already knew the answer to.

“That’s Philip Carr Gomm?”

He looked confused. “Yes, of course. What, you didn’t realise you were talking to him?”

I told my friend about him asking to write something in my book and how I thought that was really nice of him. My friend practically doubled over from laughing. I think it became one of his favourite stories whenever someone asked how I came to join the Order, even years la􏰂ter. Now I can laugh myself, back then I thought it was utterly embarrassing. But join I did, and though it have been turbulent years, I never regretted that moment.

Philip has been many words to me these last 16 years and I know people who’ve known him the better part of their life. Mentor, inspirator, stimulator, aggravator, teacher, chief and last, but not least, friend.

This June a new wind will blow through the Order. Her name is Eimear Burke. The first woman to be Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Which I like. Can’t wait to see where she will lead us.

But I’ve never known anyone else. Philip will always be my chief. He was there at the beginning and there again when I officially became an OBOD alumni.

Thank you for all those years, your kind words, your peaceful silence and your advice (though perhaps I did not always appreciate it at that particular moment 😉). You’ve always inspired me to be a better version of myself.

Philip in 2020

I can’t tell you how sorry I am we won’t be able to be there and had to cancel our trip to the UK. But I’ll be there in spirit and definitely for everything that will be streamed online.

Wishing you loads of inspiration, love, laughter, magic and freedom.

Love & Light,


Birthday special – The Empath cover reveal!

Today is my forty-second birthday and as a gift to myself and all of you, I thought it would be nice to finally show you the cover of the second installment of The Fire Trilogy. So without further ado…. drumroll please! 

Once again, Rhianna Davies – my cover designer – just nailed it! Thank you so much for understanding my completely warped brain and making my book come to life! I’m also very proud to have this specific model, who I promised to remain anonymous, but who some of you will recognize anyway (think of music, folks!) 

I’m also very honoured to be recommended by one of the people who inspire me in life, Philip Carr Gomm, chosen chief of the OBOD and author of The Prophecies and Druid Mysteries. See the full cover here.

Dragon Moon Press will release The Empath on the 5th of May, the Dutch Liberation Day

The Blurb

Battersea Park Station. Home of the company. The kind we all need, but nobody likes to talk about. Tristan Visconti works for the company and his clearance level has just been upgraded. Why? Simple, because he and his team have exactly one week to save our planet from impending doom.

When Tristan arrives in London, he needs to convince his client, Catherine van Dyk, of her own powers to help save our world. Problem is, Tristan believes he is on a suicide mission and so does his team. His former lover, Eve, is behaving out of character and then there is Alan, Catherine’s ex. Like Tristan, Alan’s an empath, but he’s also a master of death and the company can’t locate his whereabouts.

As Tristan, Catherine, Alan and Eve take center stage, the company is fulfilling its own agenda. Question is, are they working to save the world or to help destroy it?

For more information, visit

Happy Easter, folks! Blessings of Love & Light.

Ramblings of a modern druidess

Recently I’ve been rereading Philip Carr Gomm’s A Brief History of Nakedness. Setting aside the fact I just love the way he writes, it is quite an interesting read. It is fascinating to try to understand why we view being naked or nude the way we do and how that changes or not changes by the shape of our body, the people we meet, the jobs we have, the places we live in, etc.
How do you feel about being naked? His book begins by suggesting you take of your clothes. This would not present a problem if you would be in the privacy in your own home. But what if you’re reading the book at work or in your favorite pub? You’d most likely get yourself into a lot of trouble, maybe even jail.

I never felt ashamed of my body, not even when I carried around a lot more weight, but it did take me a while to feel comfortable around other naked people like a wellness centre or at the beach for example.

And I do have to admit I’ve become more comfortable with showing of my body now it’s more to my satisfaction.

We’re born naked and when we are buried, our clothes disintegrate, so in a way we die naked as well. So why all the hang ups? It’s interesting to read that almost every religion has, or used to have, a certain respect for the power that lies in being naked.

When you stand naked before a mansize mirror, what do you see, what do you feel? Are you happy with what you see? Do you feel ashamed or do you feel empowered? And why is it exactly that we all love to take of our shoes and socks on a Summer’s day and wiggle our toes in the grass? Is it because we feel more connected, to Earth, to life, to ourselves?

I wish you many toe-wiggling moments peeps! Until next week!


Interested? You can buy it here! 🙂
A Brief History of Nakedness