Ramblings of a modern druidess

“But you’re not really doing rituals in nature, right? I mean, what if people see you?”

My first reaction was to laugh, but then I realized she was dead serious. So I cleared my throat and tried to hide my grin. Yes, I really do rituals. Yes, most of them are out in the open, preferably at the beach or in the forest and I’m seldom alone. Sometimes even with dozens of people. Yes, we sacrifice naked young men. Oh hang on, we don’t. Bugger.

There are little day-to-day rituals which I perform in the comfort of my home, in my car, or even in a cafe or restaurant, when someone calls me for example to ask for a bit of healing or positive vibes. But the seasonal festivals, I celebrate outside. At least as much as is humanly possible.

I guess it’s not necessary, but it does help me to reach a certain state of mind more quickly. I know some of my brothers and sisters have that with clothing. They feel more comfortable wearing robes, a pretty dress or a cloak. Others have it with attributes. The right cauldron, the perfect athame or sword, the right wand (yes, we have wands, Harry Potter doesn’t have a patent on it, you know), the right chalice and so on. I appreciate all those things, but performing a seasonal ritual inside is the only factor which makes it slightly more difficult for me. We all have our weaknesses.

I have had several ‘mentors’ if you will along the way, who would all tell me that none of this is necessary to perform the perfect ritual. I know a lot of Christians feel the same about the church. It is the house of God and it serves a great purpose and a sense of community, but you can be or feel close to God anywhere. The church, in this light, is a compliment to our beliefs. Just as I view a stone circle as a compliment to my beliefs. Do I need the stone circle to feel connected to nature? No, of course not, but sometimes, sometimes it helps.

As far as being worrried about other people seeing me or us, it actually doesn’t bother me. Some of the festivals are more dark, less appropiate for children I would say, so those rituals take place at night, when the little ones are fast asleep. Well, one assumes, in these days you never know 😉
But I’m never scared for other people to see me. I do realize it might be scary the other way around. I can imagine that sometimes we conjure a pretty amazing picture in the landscape. I’m not blind, I do notice when people in the distance stop to watch. Sometimes they even wait until we’re done and ask us some questions, out of curiosity. I always like that and take plenty of time to explain what it is they witnessed.

As to what it is I, or we, do, I’d like to leave you with this link.
A Magical Journey

It describes an initiation. Names have been left out of course, but this was such a beautiful occasion and it explains rather well what I believe and hold dear. Hope you’ll enjoy.

Wishing you dragons to fly away on and love and light in your heart.

Until next week folks!