I never really understood it. The green eyed monster. Do I sometimes wish I had what other people have? Sure. That doesn’t make me jealous of them, though. More than not, it inspires me. 

Also with other women. I’m only drawn to men, sexually, but I’m not blind. I’m perfectly capable of judging whether another woman is pretty. At least, to my eyes. For example, I’m a complete sucker for long hair. When I see a woman with hair longer than me, that doesn’t make me jealous. I just go in ‘awe-mode’ and chances are I will stare at her with admiring eyes. Sometimes I even say so. Why not? I just ogled her hair, might as well let her know I think it looks gorgeous. 

Succes is another thing. I love it when my friends succeed in life. The greater, the better. I really don’t comprehend how you would not want the best for your friends. Often, they take you along for the ride and that, again, inspires me. 

No. I have many flaws, but thankfully jealousy is not one of them. Be happy with yourself. It all starts with that. Try it. If you admire something in another person, tell them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the response. Promise! 

Ramblings of a modern druidess

Old friends. This week I finally met one of my old friends again. She and her soon to be husband we’re staying in Holland for a few days to prepare for the upcoming wedding and we’re part of their preperation.

You see, my hubby designs jewellery and they asked him to make their wedding rings. So besides catching up (it had been over 5 years since we last saw each other) there were rings to discuss, lots and lots of talk about rings. Which led to gemstones, another passion or perhaps I should say obsession by my dear friend and of course what the hell we both have been up to.

It’s a funny thing, friendship. The older I become, the more I realize it has nothing to do with quantity, but with quality. It’s also about accepting what it is. If either party wants more quality or quantity time than the other can give, your friendship glides towards slippery slopes.

I had not seen this woman for over 5 years, but the moment I saw her standing outside our train station, suddenly I went back in time and it was like I saw her only last week. I believe it was the same for her.

She lives in Ireland now, has had several job changes, met a lovely gentleman with a nice ‘green’ heart, so of course there have been a lot of changes in her life, as there have been in mine. None of that matters though, if the connection’s still there.

Over the years I lost some friends, people that were/are very dear to me. Some because they chose paths I could or would not follow. Some because we could not live up to the expectations of one another, some just faded away as we both went our seperate ways and that’s okay.

I’m not the kind of person who makes friends for life easily. I chatter away without effort to strangers, but that’s just my profession kicking in. Sometimes this will lead to a good acquantance, but seldom I gain a new friend. I think this applies to a lot of people. How often do you still make a new friend? Someone who gives just as much as you, doesn’t envy your other frienships and rejoices in your triumphs instead of being secretly jealous. This is a rare find people, one that we should treasure and hold dear. True friendship is a gift, it has many forms and shapes and I’m blessed to have them in my life. I do not use the title lightly, so know that when I do use it, it means something special to me, that you are special to me, a friend.

Until next week peeps! Cherish your friends!