Ramblings of a modern druidess

So I finally got word back from BMG, they handle Placebo’s catalogue. I’m afraid my bylines are going out the window, because they charge ┬ú100,- per quote, VAT not included. There are ten chapters in my book, you do the math.

So unless my dear publisher will say ‘not a problem, if it’s so important to you, we’ll pick up the tab’ (one can dream right), I’m going to have to scratch them.

It will be a sad moment, because it really adds to the feel of the book. I don’t blame Placebo, they don’t even know my request excists. And I don’t blame BMG either, they’re just following rules.
But I had hoped they would make an exception. Of course, one always hopes.

So here’s hoping my book will be a huge succes and I can print a second edition, with quotes, the way it was intended ­čÖé

Until next week peeps! Stay warm!