The Hourglass Ring 

If you’ve read The Elemental, the first part of The Fire Trilogy, you will know that the protagonist, Catherine, wears jewelry with rubies. A ring she inherited from her grandmother and a necklace with a ruby she got from her father he bought for her on his last trip. 

I’m very proud to reveal to you that the Hourglass Ring Catherine wears in The Elemental, has come to life by MB Creation! It’s a sterling silver ring with little gold settings with a real ruby on each side to form the hourglass. It looks delicate and sophisticated, just like I imagined Catherine’s grandmother.  


Here’s an excerpt from the book where the ring is mentioned.

Kate looked at the ring on her left hand. Her mother had given it to her on her twenty-first birthday. Her uncle had no daughters and they had both decided that Kate should inherit it to remember her grandmother. It held two rubies shaped like a diamant set in gold like a little hourglass. Kate always thought the rubies resembled her grandmother’s Fire and the hourglass the future, she loved it very much and like her grandmother, wore it every single day.

Deborah looked at it as well. “I love that ring, it is so beautiful.”

Kate smiled. “Yes, it is. I played with it as a child, one of the few memories I have of her. I loved how the ruby catches the light and I always said to her: “I feel like the ruby, nana. Then she would smile at me and say: “No my sweet, you are so much more than the ruby, always remember that.”

“When I grew up, I thought she meant that I was more important than the ring, but later in life I began to wonder if she already knew what I was, what I would become.”

Deborah took Kate’s hand, to have a good look at the ring. “Well, she probably did. I mean, she was a Seer, it’s probable she would have seen something of your future, don’t you think?”

Kate laughed. “Yes hon, that would be ‘probable’.”


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Ramblings of a modern druidess – Ring seeks owner!

Hello my lovely followers,

This is the sad story of a beautiful ring. Once part of nature, now turned into a small piece of art by MB Creation This wooden ring (from nature-loving recycled wood) with a sterling silver inner circle and a moonstone sparkling on top is homeless.
Yes, homeless. So sad, isn’t it? But there is good news. You might be able to help out. All you have to do is proof you can provide a good home for this ‘precious’ little gem.

How? Show me a picture of you wearing a ring and then a picture of that same ring with its measurements. This way I’ll know you will be able to wear it and take good care of it.
And that is all. MB Creation will send it to you for free as a ONE-TIME-EXCLUSIVE-OFFER!

Is Cinderella out there? We certainly hope so 🙂