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Today I received a link to a youtube film from an author friend, Mark Shaw.

He put a lot of energy in promoting indie authors with the #indiebooksbeseen campaign and I really loved his idea.

He made a little, physical, teaser book of his book The Keeper of the Wind. So just one chapter. Depending on the length of your chapters you could choose two or three, but no more than that. That would defeat the point. His teaser book has a nice full colour cover, a synopsis, one chapter and something about the author. On the backcover there’s a bit of information and the #indiebooksbeseen hashtag logo to show his support. Choose the chapter you think will entice your audience the most.

Now the idea is to leave these little gems in public places. Libraries, cafè’s, reception desk of a hotel, swimming pool, doctor’s office, anywhere you can think of where people would have time to read just one chapter. You give people a chance to do something other than play with their smartphone and people might be so intrigued by your one chapter they decide to buy your book. It’s a win-win situation.

Yes, you would have to invest a little bit of money to print the teaser-books. It’s up to you of course how many you print and there are several good and relatively cheap options to print a teaser-book.

I’m definitely going to look into this and maybe try it myself. It sounds like a really nice idea to spread the word, give something for free to the people and raise their interest.

Mark’s idea is to create a shelf with teaser books in each genre. Wouldn’t that be great? To go visit your dentist and while you wait you browse the shelf and pick a nice teaser book to fill the time? You might discover something you normally would never think to read!

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