You can never go back…

No. You can’t. But how does one go forward? May 2017 I fell off my horse . As most of you know, it took a long time before I could even walk again.

However, now I’m walking. But not okay. And I can stand on my toes with both my feet and I can stand on one leg, but not on my toes with one leg. Not even a bit, it’s just undoable.

Let alone running. And I still have fifteen months of rehabilitation ahead of me, so I know I have a long way to go, but this is the part where I need your help.

See, the hospital pretty much told me to do anything as long as it feels right (did they read the OBOD gwersi, or something?)

Physiotherapy? Sure, if you think you need it, go ahead, but we’re not a big fan, was the answer from my hospital team when I asked. And a part of me wants to try and another part of me is going in full blown panic attack when I think about somebody touching my foot!

So I’m looking for people who had a foot injury, or knee or leg injury and how did you go about it? Mine was a Lisfranc fracture dislocation, but I’m not so much looking for people with the exact same injury. Just people with a likewise experience.

How did you get back to your old self? Or at least, the best version of your old self?

Physically speaking, of course, because as the title says…. you can never go back.

Appreciate any replies. Take care, folks. Life is precious ❤️

6 thoughts on “You can never go back…

  1. Ouch — sounds awful 😦 Although mine was not nearly as traumatic as yours, here are my thoughts on overcoming injury. Persevere forward! Watch your self-talk. Best to you!!! Dawn

  2. Nerves after foot surgery can go haywire.
    I had to go through it for 3 months on my foot, where the therapist could only touch lightly with a towel after a few weeks.
    I used a cat littler box sized container, filled with warmed uncooked rice, dipping the foot in and out. The nerves had to get used to it…
    Not sure if it will work when it’s been so long after surgery….
    Also used heat, wax, and clay on the foot and she’d massage through it…

    • Thanks for your reply! Your exercise sounds fascinating. Funny thing is, I can rub it pretty hard myself. I don’t want anyone else near that foot. But that coukd just be fear as well.

      Your example of the towel is very recognizable. I even where different socks now, because some of my old socks don’t feel comfortable anymore.

      Are you okay now?

      • Takes time 😉
        Yep, better now, and I can run and compete long distance again. However, due to dead nerves and sensitivities, there can be times when there are awful sensations under the foot if hit just right. I find that the stronger the foot, the lesser that bothers me.

        Don’t ever give up – the body can heal in ways we never thought would be possible. Some things take years, and during that time we learn to cope and how to get stronger in other ways 🙂

      • That’s very encouraging to hear you can run long distances again. You’re absolutely right, never give up. I won’t. And indeed, there are other ways to deal with the pain. Thanks again for your input. Really appreciate it!

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