Welcome to Bizarro World – Valentine in concert

Last night Robby Valentine performed in my own city and in one of my favourite places, the gorgeous Parktheater. One of the few gems Alphen has left. It was murder parking my car though. Last time it was this crowded was on Kingsday, it was complete madness! Fortunately for me I know the neighbourhood, so time for plan B and ditch my car somewhere nearby.

Like the name implies, Parktheater is a theatre, so it has sitting arrangements. This left me a bit doubtful, as I was in the mood to dance, but I have to say that overall it didn’t bother me.

Robby encouraged the audience to stand up whenever we felt like it and we felt like it quite a lot!

This was a doubly whammy so to speak. The first act (staying in theatre character) was Valentine’s own music. Mainly Bizarro World and some songs from Androgenius. For a very long time the third album, simply titled Valentine, was my favourite. I love the cultural mix and the use of instruments on that album, it’s so divers! However, having heard Bizarro World several times now, both on cd and live, I have to conclude I have a new favourite. Do I love each and every song? Well, I certainly have my preferences, but there are no fillers on this album. None. Each song adds something to the album and the build up is well thought of. I’m in love with Trip to the Moon, which he unfortunately didn’t play live, but he did play very close runner-up You’re Tearing Me Down and Black Rain (love that video by the way).

Personal highlight for me was this awesome version of No Turning Back with the V Rock Choir. I understand it must be an organisational nightmare to bring the choir along each and every time, but I really hope they’ll do this more often. It was truly magical. I filmed the last bit. Just from my iPhone, so please excuse the poor sound quality, but at least you’ll have an impression. Click here 

He also did Dear Dad (which always makes me cry, so thanks for that Robert) and I Believe in Music. That song does something to me every time. It’s just so pure. 

The second act was a tribute to Queen. I like Queen, though I wouldn’t consider myself a fan. Having said that, the version of Under Pressure by Robby and Maria Catharina is just magnificent! She raises so much energy each and every time, I often wonder how she’s still standing afterwards.

Both her vocals and that of the lovely Laura are a great asset to the Valentine show. 

Robby is a man of contradictions. He always struggles with his voice, yet he chooses to do almost all vocal arrangements himself. 

Being shy won’t help him on stage either and if you look closely and pay attention, you can see that feeling of awkwardness. Then someone from the audience sings along or shouts something at him and you see that smile. In that moment, he’s at perfect ease on that stage. 

Valentine has a very loyal fanbase who follow him around the country and even beyond. This album could broaden his fanbase though, I really believe that. You hear Muse, Placebo, Queen, but all combined, which makes it that unique sound of Valentine. That sound is not bizarro at all, it’s magical and it kicks ass! 

photo by Peter Boogaard



One thought on “Welcome to Bizarro World – Valentine in concert

  1. Peter Boogaard says:

    great Review Lisa!

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