Ramblings of a modern druidess…. Valentine in Concert!

Saturday night I drove to Capelle aan den IJssel for the official kick-off of the Bizarro World Tour, coincidentally also the name of Valentine’s new album. People were standing in line to get inside, anxious to hear and see him live on stage.

I think all people who attended had a great time. If you haven’t bought the new album yet and you like the sound of Muse, Placebo and Within Temptation with a twist, this might be something for you. I’m especially fond of You’re Tearing Me Down. It has a movie-like quality to it and it would do great featuring as a soundtrack, in my humble opinion.

I already had the digital copy, but I made sure to get a ‘real’ one, to stand alongside the rest of the collection.

The crowd went even more crazy as Rob Winter made his first guest appearance and you could see and hear Valentine hadn’t forgotten his earlier albums. We heard The Magic Breeze, No Turning Back and the concert ended with a – if you ask me – much cooler version of his greatest hit Over and Over Again.

But that’s not what I want to highlight. Yes. The concert was a great experience, but sometimes artists have to deal with a lot of unfortunate events. Earlier this week Valentine damaged his left hand, severely bruising two of his fingers. I thought for sure the concert would be cancelled. It was not. On the actual day he lost his voice, almost completely. And this is what I want to highlight. I’m pretty sure that what he really wanted to do is bang his head against the wall or perhaps have a good cry. I certainly would have wanted to. Instead he talked to the audience, apologizing for his bad voice and with the aid of the beautiful Maria Catharina and backing vocalist Laura pitching in whenever it was needed, the concert lost none of its energy.

He even took the time to talk to some of his fans and I watched it all from a distance, my respect rising with the minute. Sometimes a concert has to be cancelled, there’s no shame in that. However, I think it shows great professionalism and a lot of love for your fans, to uphold your end of the deal, when you also could have chosen a different route.

This album is titled Bizarro World, but maybe his next should be titled Perfect World, because he’s certainly striving for it himself. Want to see him live? You’re next chance will be on Valentine’s Day (easy to remember, I should say) in Estrado, Harderwijk.


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