Ramblings of a modern druidess – A Tribute to Valentine

Saturday night I went to a concert. No, not Placebo. Either they’re still in Ibiza or back in London, but they had no gig on Saturday night. Not that I was aware of anyway.

No, I went to see Robby Valentine. I first met Valentine back in the nineties when he scored a top 10 hit with the single ‘Over and Over Again’. Lovely song, but to be honest, it doesn’t even reach my personal top 10. It’s a good ballad, don’t get me wrong, but in my humble opinion, doesn’t even begin to show the abilities of this talented multi-instrumentalist.

Saturday he didn’t perform his own work, but a tribute to Queen. As a young boy, he, like so many of us, was mesmerized by the magic that was Freddy Mercury and you can still hear the influences of that band in his own music. A regular invited guest to the Dutch Queen convention, he performed Queen songs many, many times, but never with an entire band. Not in Holland, certainly not in the UK. This year will be the second time Valentine will perform at the UK Queen Convention in Prestatyn, but it’s the first time he will perform with his entire band. And I already got to see the show. In CAPSLOC, run by my own dear friend, Desiree. I think everybody had a really good time, judging by the happy faces of the crowd and even the man himself seemed relatively relaxed. Well, by Valentine standards, in any case.

His partner in crime, professionally as well as personally, Maria Catharina, as she is known by her stage name, is a gift sent from Heaven. They compliment each other perfectly. I swear, that woman probably doesn’t even need a microphone to be heard by the crowd. She is outgoing, feisty and playing with the audience. He is mysterious, brooding and probably had dibs on Star Trek’s teleport device, because one second he’s behind the piano, you blink and he’s center stage, singing and playing guitar.

If you’re a Queen fan and you want to hear those songs performed by someone who really gets it and loves them just as much as you do, I highly recommend you order yourself a ticket for the 27th of September before they run out completely.

If, after reading all this, your memory hard drive is working again and you think; “Yeah, Valentine, I remember him, that was some solid music!” Then you should definitely come to CAPSLOC in December where he will officially start the Bizarro World Tour , named after his new album.

I, for one, can’t wait to hear his own music. It’s not Queen, but I have to say, after seeing him perform live again, it is a Kind of Magic.


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