Ramblings of a modern druidess

The sun has come out to play, finally! So when my friend came over for a nice cuppa, we took our drinks outside to the rooftop terrace. The temperatures weren’t that high yet, so who needs sunscreen? One hour turned into two, two turned into three. Big mistake. I didn’t even notice until after and it doesn’t stop when you’re out of the sun. No, no, no, it always feels like the fun is just about to begin.

That bit of colour transforms into a violent shade of red. That red begins to glow, slowly burning a way through your flesh, the first tell-tale signs of you being screwed. The after-sun helps, yes, for about twenty seconds before the burning sensation is slowly spreading through your body once more. Taking a shower becomes this whole new experience, almost like an African dance, with me jumping back and forth like a maniac. I’m sure it would be quite entertaining for other people.

After two days the red will fade and a golden soft brown glow will compliment my body. And just when I start to think maybe it was worth it, the itching begins. My skin will begin to peel and gone will be my beautiful colour. All for nothing, sigh. So unfair.

Will I learn? No, of course not. Yes, I will take care of my skin for two days. By next week I will have forgotten all about it and be stupid again. But hey, the sun is here and in the end, that’s worth a little sun burn, so I’m still smiling.

Enjoy the sun peeps, but take care of that skin!

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