Ramblings of a modern druidess

Happy Beltane everyone and a blessed Samhuinn to those on the other side of the hemisphere. I think these two are my favourite festivals, so it’s appropriate they are each other’s counterparts.

We had a lovely druidic/shamanistic ritual outside in nature. A cat came to join us in the circle and was also blessed with fire and water. It rained softly when we began, but once we got the fire going, the sun broke through the clouds and we were bathed in light. Beating our drums, people jumped over the fire together or in groups with friends and we moved around the circle with white and red ribbons, it was magical.

Afterwards we shared food and drinks and me and a dear friend of mine brought our harps along for some live entertainment. We sat in a beautiful teepee, round the fire, sharing stories, rekindling the flame.

It’s moments like these I feel truly blessed to have spirituality in my life. I really couldn’t imagine not having that feeling of connectedness, of belonging, in my life. Pretty soon I’ll be leaving for a long weekend of spiritual fun. Our international camp is coming up again, the Dryade weekend and I’m very much looking forward to it. The theme this year is Roots & Branches and I’ll be offering a hand massage with oils containing tree juice. There are loads of other workshops, herbal walks in nature, grove meetings, jam-sessions with musicians, rituals, morning meetings, story telling and lots of dancing. It recharges me. This year is my tenth year within the OBOD community, so it’s kind of a special year.

What lifts you up? What makes you feel giddy or really brings a smile to your face? Do feel free to share your thoughts and I wish you many beautiful moments!

Until next week peeps, Happy Beltane! Take care and feel giddy xxx

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