The A-Z YA book tag tour

The talented and rather cute Jack Croxall invited me to take part in this epic YA book tag! The idea is that you answer all 26 questions (each starting with a different letter of the alphabet) and then get some fellow bookworms to do the same. So, without further ado, here are my answers as well as some info on who I tagged!

A book you wish you owned?
A first edition of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, I own two copies as it is, but a first edition, sigh. One can only dream.

Best YA book cover?

The Elite by Kiera Cass. Haven’t had a chance to actually read it yet, but I love the cover.

Could you ever see yourself with any of your favourite characters?

Yes, rather easily if I’m completely honest. I’m quite a nutter 😉

Do you ever wish you could live in a fictional world?

Almost on a daily basis. I would love to live at Hogwarts and there are other places as well I’d like to go to.

Epic battle or love story?

Love story, I think. Having said that, they’ll only be together after the epic battle is won, of course 😉

Favourite YA title you have read so far?

Tethers trilogy by Jack Croxall, it’s freakin’ amazing!

Ghosts or aliens?

I can appreciate a good alien every now and then, but it would have to be ghosts for me. I think they’re more fascinating. Also, they give me the creeps.

How do you choose which books to buy?

My best friend is a complete bookworm and I trust her judgement, because she knows what I like. And I also trust quite a few of my author friends, so besides reading their books, I also read whatever they recommend.

If you could be a fictional character for a day, who would you choose?

Albus Dumbledore.

Judge books by their covers?

Guilty as charged. Absolutely. I’m a sucker for good covers.

Killing characters in YA books – should it be allowed?

Hell, yes! Love a good kill. Even for main characters, if it’s done properly.

Least favourite YA book you’ve read?

I really wouldn’t know. So far I really like what I’ve read.

Male protagonist or female protagonist?

Hmmm, difficult. They have such different energies, But if I really have to choose, female.

Name a YA book you are desperate to read.

Torn, the final book in the Tethers trilogy. If it were up to me, I would lock Croxall up in a room until he’s finished.

One YA book you want everyone to read?

Rather predictable by now, but Tethers. Go read it, you’ll fall in love with it, garanteed.

Pick three fictional characters you’d want on your side in an apocalypse.

Albus Dumbledore would come in handy anywhere, I think. Bella Cullen, a vampire who doesn’t burn to death in the sun and that protective shield of hers is quite a nifty gift. Last, but not least, Sherlock Holmes. He would annoy the crap out of me, but he might think of a way out of this mess.

Quick read or long read?

Not too long. Is has to be bloody amazing if it’s a long read.

Reading is essential to a happy life – agree?


Series or standalone?

Coming from a trilogy writer this is going to sound a bit weird, but usually standalone.

Tell us the most recent book you’ve read

I just finished Butterfly Season by Natasha Ahmed and I’m almost done with The Phoenix Project by DM Cain.


Under the duvet – scariest book you’ve read?

IT by Stephen King. I still hate clowns. I blame King.

Vanquish which YA series with a magic wand?

Like I mentioned before, what I’ve read so far, I liked. So nothing. And just because I don’t like a series, doesn’t mean somebody else won’t like it.

What do you love most about YA fiction?

The thrill. The characters go through so many developments and we’re along for the ride. I love that.

X marks the spot. Where is your favourite reading spot?

Anywhere in nature or in my favourite coffeehouse, Barista Café.

Your house is on fire. Which three books would you save?

Three books? Are you nuts!? I would throw complete shelves out of the window and just hope they survive. But just to name three, my early edition of Pride & Prejudice, illustrated version of Lord of the Rings and my signed copy of Druid Mysteries by Philip Carr Gomm, because I can’t replace those.

Zombies or vampires?

Vampires. Bad ones, good ones, funny ones, handsome ones, I like them all!

Up next, Natasha Ahmed, author of Butterfly Season and Michelle Diana Lowe author of Dangerous Calculations. Looking forward to your answers ladies!

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