Ramblings of a modern druidess

Change. Most people don’t like it. Sometimes I don’t either, but mostly I encourage it. Same with succes. I love it when my friends excel at something. It makes me feel proud and never envious. Not of them, anyway. If anything, it inspires me to take a good look at myself and review whether or not I still like what I see.

Change is a funny thing, though. I now consider myself a writer. I never did that before. I always considered myself as someone who contributed to the social services system of our government. And I still enjoy working in this area of expertise. It just doesn’t define me at my core. Not anymore.

My partner, who’s never been anything but supportive, has seen this change from up close, of course. And it’s been building up for years. One could say my bardic side started to flourish once more. Sometimes I swear I should have done my studies at the OBOD backwards. I’m turning out to be more of a Bard than I am a Druid. But maybe realising that is druidic in itself? 🙂

Over the last few weeks I had the opportunity to see some old friends. They had heard about my carreer change and were so excited for me, it made me feel rather shy. In a good way though. It’s a nice feeling, when people you like or love, are truly happy for you. It makes you feel loved, understood, supported.

One of my best friends has an amazing writing ability. She’s doing rather well though in a completely other area of expertise. It must have been difficult to see me publish a book, but not once did I feel that. I only felt her pride and support.

People have different reactions to change. Some will support you, some will doubt you, some will work against you.

The important lesson here is to stay true to yourself. Just because people don’t expect you to move to Suriname or take that job at Shell, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Not if that’s what you really want. If they really care, they will respect your choices and with a bit of luck, even love you the more for it.

I will always try to do that. Sometimes I will fail, but that’s okay. Like my grandmother used to say: “There aren’t any perfect people, only perfect intentions.”

Next week you’ll catch me a bit sooner. On Monday, to be exact. I’m proudly participating in the ‘My Writing Process’ Blog Tour, so you’ll see me again just after the weekend. Have a good one!

Until next week peeps!

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