Ramblings of a Modern Druidess – Interview Jack Croxall – Unwoven

Monday morning. Unwoven, part II of the Tethers Trilogy sees the light of day. Time to find out more about the creative mastermind who’s responsible for what happens to our beloved characters, Karl and Esther.
So I sat Jack Croxall down on his couch and asked him the following questions.


Karl and Esther have changed quite a bit after Tethers. Did you know from the beginning this would happen or was it something that happened along the way?

They certainly have! I knew this would be the case from the start as, naturally, when I was trying to write the first novel my mind kept drifting off and imagining what would happen in the second. That meant I knew virtually the entire plot before I’d even started.

Both Tethers and Unwoven are set in a different time, but it very much resembles our normal world. How did you find the right ‘voice’ for your characters? Did you research how people spoke back then and what they did?

I live in the area where a lot of the books are set (all be it 150 years later), and so a lot of the regional dialect (ey-up for example) is still used now. As for the southern accents, I’ve read and watched so many Victorian period pieces that I’ve absorbed that dialogue pretty well.

If you would have to choose one character who you resemble the most, who would it be and why?

I would LOVE to say Esther but I’m really not much like her at all. Firstly, she’s awesome and an amazing fighter, and I’ve never been in a single fight in my life! I’m probably more like Karl; more considered and calm, but certainly not shy of going off on an adventure. Some minor traits of Esther’s, like her love of amphibians, do belong to me, however, but the similarities probably end there!

There’s a lot of tension in Unwoven amongst the lead characters. Was it difficult to keep them apart?

Quite the opposite actually, it was really hard to find time for them to reconcile as there was so much stuff I wanted to happen in the main storyline. I kept having to find little pockets of time for them to talk about what had happened, and in the end – well – you’ll just have to wait and see.

Are you a go-with-the-flow kind of writer or do you sit yourself down and write for a set period of time?

Go-with-the-flow mostly, I do try to get some writing done every day though.

Will there also be a paperback version of Unwoven, like Tethers?

If people want one, then I will do one. I’ll donate half of the paperback proceeds to ME Research UK again too I think.

Esther’s sword-fighting skills have enhanced even more. Is sword-fighting something you like to do yourself?

Yes, Esther has become a lot more skilled with a blade – she’s also become quite bloodthirsty as well, which is a pretty lethal combination. I’ve never actually held a proper sword before, so for my research I just watched a load of instructional fencing videos on YouTube and played along with a ruler! I would really like to try it properly though, and, as Esther gets better and better, I’m less qualified to write her fights in detail so it might be a good idea to try it.

If you could be a famous person for one day (from the past or present), who would you want to be and why?

Gosh that’s a tough question! JK Rowling maybe, I want to know what being a success feels like!!

Torn will complete the Tethers Trilogy. Is there one quote you could reveal to us about the essence of that book?

Well, the essence of the third book is almost a race, as various groups of people speed towards the same place and goal. It’s going to be written from multiple points of view which is new for me, and something I’m really looking forward to doing. It means I can really explore the thoughts and backgrounds of some of the secondary characters, especially Mr Cauldwell who has been somewhat of a mystery during the first two books. I have no idea how to encapsulate all that in one quote, so I hope that answer is okay!

Thanks so much Jack, for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you the best of luck with your amazing Tethers Trilogy!


Unwoven is now available for purchase. Unwoven by Jack Croxall on Amazon

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