Ramblings of a modern druidess

Imbolc. This festival has a very strong connection to Fire, at least it has for me, like Beltaine. Guiding and protecting this promise of Spring, is the goddess Brighid. I used to have some issues with this Lady, perhaps because she symbolizes all things good and light and I’ve kinda been a Cailleach girl most of my life.

But as I grew older, Brighid became a greater influence in my life, maybe we should just state I became more balanced 😉 Having a dark and light goddess in my life, has certainly made life more interesting. My triple goddess is completed by our own Dutch goddess, Nehalennia.

This Imbolc I’ll be walking a Fire labyrinth at an ancient burial mound we often use for our rituals, it’s a beautiful and magical place. I’ve seen ravens fly over my head, have had a young bull charging towards me at Samhuinn, only to stop inches before me when he noticed my flaming cauldron and respectfully bowed his head. Deer have been watching me and my rituals, lying hidden in the high grass and I’ve been blessed so often by the great oaks surrounding me. This is also a place of initiation for me. Not just my own, but that of friends as well. So a special place, if you will.

We’ll walk the labyrinth and reach the womb, letting go the whispers of Winter and embracing the promise of Spring. Looking forward to it already, because at this place, you never know what’s going to happen.

I wish you all your own promise of Spring, may it come to you with the blessings of both god and goddess and guide you on your way.

Until next week folks, try and catch those first rays of sunshine!


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