Ramblings of a modern druidess

Strange times, we live in strange times. Perhaps I should say turbulent times. So many thing are happening at once. Some of them good, others, not so good. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up the pace and then there are moments I’m glad there is a pace.

Imbolc is approaching fast now, as is the release of my book and I’m very excited about that. But there’s always a shadow and this time that shadow reveals itself as a disease in my dear family.

I have to believe, however, that there can be no Light without the dark and this particular shadow will be forced back by the Light, so we can enjoy the birth of Spring again.

But when we’re alone, in the dark, it’s not always easy believing that Light will shine for you as well. The dark is whispering, luring you in, trying to keep you down, instead of holding your head up high.

This is where we need others, to help us remind there is always hope, love and Light. And even though it may not seem so now, this too, shall pass. And Light will prevail.

Love and Light to you all peeps! Till next week xxx


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