Ramblings of a modern druidess

It’s a book week. This afternoon an appointment with my editor and yesterday I went through my notes for book two. Only a few more weeks to go, February is getting closer and closer. It’s both exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time.

Will the cover illustration turn out okay, is it the paper I wanted, how does it look? Good thing my nails have to be short anyway to play the harp, because quite frankly, they’re almost non-existent.

Again a big thank you to everyone who’s supporting me by sharing, retweeting, mentioning or just telling people about my upcoming book The Elemental, it means more to me than words can express.

Now I received a question, why the beginning of February? Sometimes I skip over the fact not everybody is familiar with the turning of the wheel in pagan religion. Early February we celebrate Imbolc.

Imbolc is the early promise of Spring, the Earth is awakening and new things come into being. Hence the release of my book, I thought it would be rather symbolic. It is also associated with the goddess Brighid, goddess of Light, goddess of poetry and protector of home and hearth. She is the protector of the eternal flame, goddess of Fire. As a Fire sign, I could ask for no better guidance than this warm and loving goddess.

So as Imbolc is approaching, I would love to know about the seeds you want to sow this year. Don’t think about those new year’s resolution, but what would you like to achieve this year? It can be something small, something big. It might be something real or perhaps a different way of thinking.

Feel free to drop me a line!
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