Ramblings of a modern druidess

Had a lovely Christmas day, but now we’re on the road. The road to Sweden. Land of cold, land of trees, land of, hopefully, the aurora borealius. For now though we still have over 15 hours to go.

I don’t mind, I like being on the road. Reaching your destination is also satisfactory, but travelling has its own charm. Connecting with the landscape, listening to your favourite music (guess who that will be ;-)) and just enjoy the ride.

I’ve never been to Sweden, only Denmark and I’m guessing that will be just as different as Germany or Belgium differs from us, so I don’t really know what to expect.

That’s okay though, driving towards the unknown has its own magic. Right now, I’m staring at endless windmills, a mist swirls around their feet, while the Sun is trying to break through, it is a rather pretty sight.

As for Sweden, I’m going to try to learn your language and just soak up the country. Looking forward to get to know you and your people. See you soon.

Happy holidays people, stay safe! xxx



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