Ramblings of a modern druidess

Music. It has always been a part of my life. Sometimes as a listener, sometimes profesionally. I have loved the music industry, I have hated it. Eventually there came a point it became too much about another M, money. It wasn’t about the band anymore, it was about the brand and it almost killed my passion for music. I even stopped playing.

That’s when I got into social services, working with troubled youngsters mainly. Later in life I quitted the working floor and became a manager. Advicing on drug abuse, loverboys and human trafficking were some of my later projects and I found them very interesting, though highly frustrating at times as we only made baby steps when it came to any actual progress.

When working as a manager, some of my team were also in a band. At first I was rather sceptical, but after listening to their music, I realised they were actually pretty good and the old flame stirred inside me.

I didn’t want that to happen, I think a part of me still wanted to stay disillusioned, it was saver, quieter. But they dragged me along their road of enthousiasm and I started to experience the fun side of the music business again.
I even took up playing again and eventually switched from the piano to the harp.

This particular story did not have a happy ending, but that’s not the point. They gave me back my love for music and up till this day, I’m very grateful for that. This Friday, the 13th no less, will be another end of an era, which made me think about this.

I don’t think I will ever step back into the music business, my life is going in a different direction now, one of writing. But music is part of my life again, lovingly.

I still have some issues. I don’t like to go backstage, I still sigh when I hear the word ‘soundcheck’ and the monopoly position of some still bothers the freak out of me, but that’s okay. Nobody’s forcing me to be part of that again.

My weekend was filled with music. First with Depeche Mode and then with my favourite band, Placebo. As I was walking through the Ziggodome, the thought came to me there could be another me in another Universe, running this place, enjoying her work, enjoying her life. As I saw that vision take shape, I smiled. Well, good for her! Me? I’d rather go crazy in the crowd. Which, trust me, I most certainly did!

Until next week peeps. Remember those old passions and see if you can get them back. One way or another.



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