Ramblings of a modern druidess

So today was a relaxing day. Went to the spa and got pampered. Sometimes you just have to do that, it makes you feel so much better. I highly recommand it to everyone. If you have one near you, but are afraid to go, get over it! I’m telling you now, you will love it.

Lots of people I know hesitate to go, because of the whole ‘being naked’ and all (imagine the Twilight Zone tune). Men perhaps even more so, because in spite of their usual bravado, lots of them are afraid of walking around with ‘the evidence’. Trust me gentlemen, you’ll get over it. You’ll do some serious ogling, some jaw dropping and after five minutes you realize you’re the only one staring at other people and you will relax. I promise.

This goes for the ladies as well. Yes, there will be a few giggling moments, but you get over that pretty quick. We have quite a few choices here in Holland and some are a bit out of reach, but I do prefer a larger establishment. Why? Because usually this means they have more variety and you want that. It’s nice to choose between a dozen different sauna’s, steampools, herbal baths and what not. The one I usually go to also has a small lagune with a waterfall whihc crashes down on your neck and back. You have to bite your tongue for a bit, but it’s worth it, just like a good massage.

Some spa’s also have a variety of healthy food. Unfortunately, not all of them do and this means you can be confronted with the smell of freshly baked fries, but hey, maybe you consider this a plus!

Now all I want to do is lie down and do nothing. Alas, I have a birthday party to attend to. No rest for the druids, uhm…. witches, uhm…. wicked. What was it again?

Until next week peeps! Go get pampered!



2 thoughts on “Ramblings of a modern druidess

  1. Nico Vermaas says:

    Ah, I am totally addicted to them also. The first time I went to one was during my bardic training, about 8 years ago (around the time that we first met). I went there to get in touch with the element of Water, which I was studying.
    But it was so much more than that, all the 4 elements play and interact at these places, with yourself in the middle of it, naked, and thus free of unwanted layers. It is not only sensuous relaxing fun, but it can also be a peek into the deeper levels that we learn about in our druid trainings.
    Being naked was a bit scary, for the first 5 minutes, but to be able to also drop that false sense of shame and shyness was a relief. I love spa and sauna!

    • Lisa says:

      Me too! It is so liberating. Thanks for sharing. I get what you say about the elements. You’re surrounded by all of them and you feel a part of them, more connected. I think also because you can live in the now and relax completely. No phones, no hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s nice. Yesterday there was a nice resting session with Tibetan singing bowls and I felt really connected to Air. I just floated away, it was lovely 🙂

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