Ramblings of a modern druidess.

No blog this week, but an open letter. So here goes…

Dear miss Whitney,

I’ve read your comments about the ‘dreaded curtain’ in the current Placebo tour Loud Like Love.

You’ve travelled a long way to see them (by the way, did you miss them in New York?) and you want to have a heartfelt experience. I get that. Plane tickets, hotels and the concert itself takes up a lot of money and you’re having second thoughts if it’s going to be worth it.

But you’re travelling to see them, so you must like them very much, why bother otherwise, right? Do you really thinks it’s fair to attack one of the nicest people, someone you probably respect and have now hurt with your words? Even if the band isn’t happy with the curtain themselves, they’ve only just begun. They’re still adjusting and let’s face it, they also invested in this tour. Should they just give up after a few gigs? And then what? An empty stage? Spend more time and money on different visuals? Perhaps cancel a few gigs so they can do that? A part of me would be kind of morbidly fascinated to see that scenario come into being, just to see what would happen. But for the record, let’s not find out.

I’ve only seen it through a screen so far (pun intended), so I can’t really say anything about it. But I trust their judgement. This is a professional band with a professional tour. They don’t just decide things on a whim, so someone has thought about this. And perhaps it turns out to be less than satisfying. Everybody makes mistakes. I’m sure they’ll adjust.

In the end, it’s all about the music. Personally, I don’t care if they talk a lot, say nothing at all or even when there are technical difficulties. These things happen. I do care about one thing. That the band are enjoying themselves on stage. Because if they’re having a good time, I’m having a good time.

You and me, as fans, should direct our energy to make sure they keep enjoying what they do. It’s for our own benefit, you know. You don’t want them to stop, now do you? 🙂

Steve Forrest is like the Sun itself, it always amazes me how fast he recharges. But try and remember he’s only human and can be hurt as well. Do you want to be responsible to see the Sun go down? No, I didn’t think so. Neither do I.

So give him a big virtual hug and have a great time at your Placebo concert. I know I will.

Love and Light,




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