Ramblings of a modern druidess

Book? Almost done. Editing? Set up for this Friday. Maybe I’ll bake her some cookies so she’ll go easy on me. It’s worth a try.

I’ve asked two people who’s opinion mean a great deal to me to write a quote for my book, which is both very exciting and very scary as well. What if they hate the book? The stress alone!

Promotion is coming along nicely however and I’ve found the perfect literary agent. Now the minor detail of getting her to feel the same about me. Details, details, but I really want her.

Facebook page is set up, so is my Twitter account and a simple website. My trusty webdesigner will have to create a real one for me somewhere in the near future, but for now, WordPress is my friend, just to have something on there.

Sorry I can’t show anything to you just yet. As soon as I have more concrete information, you’ll be the first to know. Promise!

Until next week peeps, keep following your dreams.



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