Ramblings of a modern druidess

Still in America. My time here is coming to an end now though. What to write about? The beautiful and glorious area of the Smoky Mountains or the artistic and homely vibes of Savannah?

The Smoky Mountains. Where I could see myself living in a nice wooden cabin with a pick-up truck and a self made drum to greet the rising Sun each morning, drumming away the smoky mists on my hill. Learn more about the Cherokee, an Indian tribe who moved me.

I’ve always shown an interest in Native American history, but it’s so far away from me and my own culture, how can one possibly understand what they must have gone through? With the Cherokee, however, I felt a slight connection. Maybe because I’m a Fire person. They are also known as Fire People. It might just be legend, it might be something more, but I’ve met other tribes and while very interesting, there was no connection on either side. This felt different and I hope to meet them again, hear their stories and cry tears of Healing and Hope on their ‘Trail of Tears’.

Savannah is like a nice warm safety blanket. It cuddles you with pretty buildings, magnificent art, good food and heartwarming people.
You can stroll around forever (watch out for Forrest Gump, he seems to be forever lost here ;-)) on lovely streets with independent bookstores and coffeehouses or sit on one of the many, many squares. I could come back here and stay in some nice hotel, work on my new book and have afternoon tea with some local ladies, wearing a new Summer hat of course.

But today we’re travelling back to Orlando and our journey has almost come to an end. Not before I make one final stop though.

Call me childish, but I have got to see Hogwarts! Normally, theme parks and me, big nope, with the one exception of our own The Efteling, because of its dreamlike quality (I swear, elves live in those woods), but other than that, I’m sorry to say I could care less about Disney, Sea World and the likes. But now they’ve got me. Because I’m a big time sucker for Harry Potter. I was addicted to the books before everybody jumped on the joytrain and I’ve been a HP addict ever since. So hell yes, I’m gonna get me some Butterbeer!

Until next week peeps, when I will be reporting to you from our own mighty fine Lowlands.

Take care now y’all 🙂


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