Ramblings of a modern druidess

New Orleans, what can I say about New Orleans? It lures you in, the streets cast long shadows of ghostlike creatures as the city is getting ready for the feast of Halloween and the Mississippi whispers stories to me, stories of magic, stories that are tragic.

I fell in love instantly I think, but I’m not fooled. This town is still hurting, a lot. And though I felt really at ease, safe and comfortable, I wonder whether or not I would be accepted as one of the Nola’s, should I choose to come and live here one day. My heart tells me yes, my mind tells me no and this is probably a good representation of New Orleans.

Strolling through this city your heart is telling you one thing and your mind another. My mind noticed the work still to be done, all the vacant lots, the lack of grocery stores in the parts of New Orleans that Katrina hit the most, the lack of small businesses and the way some people looked, still grieving.

My heart saw the pure raw beauty of this city, where the music never stops, where people have a smile for you where ever you go.

Where you can sit on a sidewalk listening to wonderful street artists for hours, which will cost you a few bucks or a cd and a round of applause to make them happy.

Where it is perfectly fine to eat a New Orleans platter for lunch filled with yummy treats such as gumbo, jambalaya, gator meat and crabcakes. Don’t even get me started on the praline’s! Living in New Orleans comes with a downside, foodwise. You can gain lots of pounds real quick.

But I think there are worse things then running alongside the Mississippi river to loose those pounds with many other runners, watching the Sun rise. Shining its light upon a Golden city, the city I fell in love with and lost a piece of my heart to.

Stay safe New Orleans, I’ll be back.



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