Ramblings of a modern druidess

So today I had my photoshoot for The Elemental, my new book. A dear friend a mine used to be a stylist and she’s pretty good with a camera, so she took some pretty pics of me in the past, but I had never worked with a total stranger who’s used to shooting models, for crying out loud!

Needless to say I was pretty freaked out this morning. Hubby went along to keep me sane, for which I was very greatful.

Rene Bader however, my photographer, was a absolute pleasure to meet and work with. He made me relax and feel comfortable with myself. Even with several layers of make-up, to which I am certainly not accustomed.

He talked me through the process before I went into make-up. I let him decide, same with my hair, which he wanted slightly curled to create more volume.

Posing felt a bit surreal, like you’re making love to a camera, but I felt more relaxed after a couple of shots. Photo’s that is, not the alcohol kind. Unfortunately 🙂

They did provide me with tea though and Maarten with coffee. I drank half and completely forgot about the rest. Blame it to jitters.

He’s going to send the results to me on a dvd, but amazingly, I’m actually quite pleased. I do find it a tad bit weird to see myself through layers of make-up and through somebody else’s eyes, but yeah, I’m pleased.

How about you? Camera shy or can’t you get enough of being in the spotlight?

Drop me a line! Until next week peeps, from sunny America by then!


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