Ramblings of a modern druidess

Social media. Curse or blessing? It’s been going through my head a lot lately. Not in the least because of my favorite band. Although in all fairness I should probably say Brian in this case, because other band members seem to have no problem with the concept of social media, at least not enough to stop using it.

Do we connect more with people because of social media or less? He argues that people stare into a phone all day now and also raises the question if the use of social media isn’t an excuse to avoid personal contact.

It made me think back to the days I was rather active on our druid forum. That got to a point where the discussions became so intense, there was a huge fight. Not uncommon for an online forum as I have come to understand it. I do remember one particular thing about those days though. I regretted the fact we couldn’t just get in a car and drive to a place where we could meet. I think everybody involved agreed that this ‘fight’ would have been sorted out in one evening if we could have talked face-to-face.

Even with the use of emoticons, a lot of your facial expressions, your mood, your intonation, gets lost when jotting something down.

You have that less with a phonecall, because you can hear someone’s voice at least, but it’s still not the same as personal contact.

Having said all that, I have to admit I cannot imagine a world without social media, facebook most notably perhaps. I just love it.


Do I feel better about myself having so many friends? Does it make me feel loved or important? Does it increase my self esteem? No. It does not. It does however allow me a glimpse into the daily life of people I don’t see on a daily basis. It does not increase or decrease the days I see people in real life, but I still know what’s going on in their lives. And way quicker than before when I had to wait for a letter (I do love receiving those by the way) or for someone to pick up the phone.

People often say social media isolates you from real life, but then I really think you’re using it wrong. It shouldn’t isolate you, it should complement you, add something. Don’t decrease your real life contacts, increase your interest in the life of people you don’t see on a weekly basis.

With all the social media we have nowadays, there’s absolutely no excuse left not to communicate with people and that should be the main reason one uses social media folks 🙂

Until next week peeps, stay sociable!


Check out Placebo’s new video starring Bret Easton Ellis, Too Many Friends about the use of social media.
Placebo – Too Many Friends


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