Ramblings of a modern druidess

Dreams, choices, more dreams, more choices. It gets confusing sometimes. Do our dreams help us to make choices? Or do our choices effect our dreams? And how exactly does that work?

I can control my dreams, to a certain extend that is. Sometimes my dreams run away with me. Or is it I who runs away with my dreams? Interesting question.

It doesn’t help though, not much at least. Choices still have to be played out and this year seems to be all about choices. Generally speaking I like choices, it means you have more than one option and you’re not stuck to just one thing. Then again, that’s just a pretty way of saying; “don’t you dare choose the wrong thing!”

How do we know we’ve chosen the wrong thing, the wrong path? Exactly, when you’re in knee deep, struggling to find a way out.

Then, you try and learn from your mistakes. Recognize the signs and all that. Not that easy though. The learning part I mean. Some lessons will take you years, decades even or dare I say it, lifetimes?

Which lessons do you find hard to learn? Which choices appear frequently in your dreams? How do you feel about those choices? Still happy? Good. If not, you’re in knee deep. Time to get out. How?

Simple, just ask someone to grab a stick, hold on tight and let them pull you out. That’s why we’re here after all, to help each other out.

Until next week peeps!



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