Taking back the Light

Yesterday I went into the woods with my friend for a bit of drumming and connecting with the Earth energies. Instead, we stumbled on the leftovers of a horrible ritual where trees were strangled together and the remains of a dark altar were still way too visible. It took us quite some time to free the trees and clean up the mess, but we did it. We left behind a lot of love, healing and light, but it made me so angry. This piece of wood is normally such a happy and lovely forest. We could literally hear the trees cry.

I wrote this today to the person who was responsible for this sadness.

What you did, I do not know
Although it was pretty obvious
You put on this big, pretentious show

If you think to call this magic
Think again boy
What you did was none other than tragic

On a piece of land I hold dear
You invoked something I fight against
Hatred and as its tool, fear

The trees were crying out to me
To help them reclaim the place
With the help of my friend I set them free

Know that I will be watching you
And your little theatre show
Don’t you ever desecrate nature again
Or I will give you new meaning to the phrase: “As above, so below”



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