Ramblings of a modern druidess

Lughnasadh came and went and I still wake up feeling exhausted. Astral travel can be a bitch you know.

Sometimes it sucks to try and tip the scales over to the side of Light. This whole year is out of control. You can see it all around you, if you just pay attention.

How many people do you know that lost their job? Or changed jobs quite radically? How about relationships? Long term relationships that are coming to an end at last, sometimes after some big fall out, but sometimes with just a muffled drum.

More than one fifth is on some kind of mood related medication I read in a newspaper this week and we wonder why we’re still stuck in this crisis?

Life is a beautiful thing, sometimes it is just hard to see the beauty. And recharging those batteries at night is a pretty important aspect to be able to fully function in the morning.

So this week I’m trying something new. I’m going to ignore all the posts about shit that’s going wrong in the world and just read about little toads being rescued, listen to my favorite band’s two new songs untill I’m sick of them and watch some dwarves, yet again, on the big screen tomorrow night.

Why? Because it sure beats the hell out of worrying my arse off over Shell’s latest stunt or the latest fracking project.

Oh, and smile at a total stranger. Trust me, it’s so much fun!!

Until next week peeps! Keep on smiling 🙂

Loud Like Love – Placebo


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