Ramblings of a modern druidess

Lughnasdh is almost upon us, one of the harvest festivals, also the time of Castlefest, festival of Light, which I’m only attending one day this year, but looking forward to seeing old and new friends.

My book now rests in the hands of my, hopefully, future publisher. Bit nerve wrecking actually, but also quite appropiate for this time of year. Whether or not it sees the light of day, I will pursue this line of career, because it’s what truly makes me happy. This year (we’re counting from Samhuinn, the end of October) has been around reinventing myself and my life. What is it I truly want and need? How do I want my body to look and feel? Now reaching the harvest part of the year I’m certainly not there yet, but getting there, yes and it makes me look back with a content smile around my mouth. I finally feel I do hold the power to change my life and control it, to an certain extend of course, as control is an illusion. It’s more the feeling of being free to choose the path which really makes me happy, even when it’s also very scary at times to follow your dreams.
But on to reality, I’ve got another day of writing ahead of me. The first half may be at my publisher now, but if they give the go ahead, I’m pretty sure they’ll want it straight away, so better get cracking at those final chapters!

Until next week peeps. Have a good harvest and even better dreams.


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