Ramblings of a modern druidess

Just got back from magical Ireland to visit my friend Monica and her husband Theo.

They live in a lovely place called Glengarriff, county Cork. Their house is very happily situated on a hill overlooking the country, it is just beautiful.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Amalia and Taliki, their two Finnish Spitz dogs.

Theo makes a mean cappuccino and Monica promised us fresh pancakes. We went into the orchard to pick our own blueberries and cherries, how cool is that!

We got to see so much and things one wouldn’t see as a normal tourist. We visited an ancient stone circle, rescued a poor sheep from dehydration, walked in a forest that whispers to you and played a self made boardgame of Lord of the Rings by candlelight while the ravens and bats were flying over our heads.

The following days we said goodbye and drove around the Ring of Kerry. Magnificent coastlines, castles, stone circles, an old friary and forts along the way. Even the driving wasn’t that dificult anymore.

Ireland, I left a piece of me behind I think and I’ll definitly be back to recollect it!

Magic in Ireland Watch a little video here 🙂

Until next week peeps!


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