Ramblings of a modern druidess

So today my editor dropped by. Did I mention she’s this divine life saving Goddess? She is. She’s saving me from utter humiliation and hopefully my publisher will be very greatful indeed for the work already done.

Friday. This Friday the first part of the manuscript is going to the publisher for a definite go or no-go.

Can I just say “Aarrrggghh” for a moment? Thank you.

I do not know how writers deal with this kind of stress. I’m very familiar with working under stress, not getting your way, constantly having to change things, but this? This is new to me.

My nails are almost non existent from chewing and I have to stop rewriting things, because there comes a point where it will not get any better.

So, I’m for Ireland the next couple of days. A change of scenery might do my stressing some good.

Although it will be the first time I will be driving on the other side of the road. Nothing to worry about. No stress at all, what could possibly go wrong?

Until next week peeps. Don’t forget to drink enough water with this heat.



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