Ramblings of a modern druidess

I’ve been infected. It’s quite serious, I don’t think there’s a cure. It’s called the Blues. I just LOVE the Blues. Steve Forrest (drummer of Placebo) has his monthly radio gig on K2Kradio “Oldies but Goldies” and yesterday he had a Blues theme. Some awesome tunes past the revue and it brightened up my day considerably.

I’m also getting quite fond of the HBO series Treme, which is set in New Orleans, just after Katrina hit this amazing city. The soundtrack is just wonderful and it’s great to see so many actual musicians in the serie, Kermit Ruffins being one of them.

This October we’re going to visit New Orleans, it will be my first time and I’m already bummed out I can’t bring along my harp. I would have loved to find out if it’s a instrument that could blend with their music.

I grew up with the Blues, Country music and with Rock ‘n Roll and I still have a slight preference to these styles of music, especially when I have to listen to something all day, with the possible exception of Placebo of course.

So today I’m in a real America vibe, thinking about my American family and friends, with the 4th of July just around the corner. I wish you all peace, love and joy and music to fill your hearts!

Untill next week peeps!

Oldies but Goldies Blues special by Steve Forrest


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