Ramblings of a modern druidess

Recently I’ve been rereading Philip Carr Gomm’s A Brief History of Nakedness. Setting aside the fact I just love the way he writes, it is quite an interesting read. It is fascinating to try to understand why we view being naked or nude the way we do and how that changes or not changes by the shape of our body, the people we meet, the jobs we have, the places we live in, etc.
How do you feel about being naked? His book begins by suggesting you take of your clothes. This would not present a problem if you would be in the privacy in your own home. But what if you’re reading the book at work or in your favorite pub? You’d most likely get yourself into a lot of trouble, maybe even jail.

I never felt ashamed of my body, not even when I carried around a lot more weight, but it did take me a while to feel comfortable around other naked people like a wellness centre or at the beach for example.

And I do have to admit I’ve become more comfortable with showing of my body now it’s more to my satisfaction.

We’re born naked and when we are buried, our clothes disintegrate, so in a way we die naked as well. So why all the hang ups? It’s interesting to read that almost every religion has, or used to have, a certain respect for the power that lies in being naked.

When you stand naked before a mansize mirror, what do you see, what do you feel? Are you happy with what you see? Do you feel ashamed or do you feel empowered? And why is it exactly that we all love to take of our shoes and socks on a Summer’s day and wiggle our toes in the grass? Is it because we feel more connected, to Earth, to life, to ourselves?

I wish you many toe-wiggling moments peeps! Until next week!


Interested? You can buy it here! 🙂
A Brief History of Nakedness


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