Ramblings of a modern druidess

Today my mother has reached the respectable age of 70 and she’s still looking beautiful!

Mom in her younger years

I don’t think she ever worries about aging, she does worry about growing old and the defects that, for most people, come with that proces.

I never really understood why people are weary of aging, it is just a number after all and each fase in its own, is beautiful and remarkable.

We both stood on the Witches’ scales in Oudewater

If you just look back to see how you change in each decade. Could you even imagine you’d be at this point ten years ago? On the one hand time flies and it seems to go faster every year, but on the other hand it is something we cannot grasp, the future. We can see our past, we try to live in the now and we dream about or imagine the future. But we don’t really know. Not even the ones who can take a glimpse into their future. Because it isn’t set and it changes constantly. By our choices and the way we move forwards or backwards.

Seven decades my mom has been alive in this life, mine is coming up to its fourth and I’m looking forward to see what my seventh will bring. I’d settle for just as good looking. Seventy and still sensational!

With my dad at their 40th anniversary

Love you mom! Happy birthday.

Until next week peeps, be glad with your age, your life.


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