Ramblings of a modern druidess

The Sun is shining, the Summer solstice is just around the corner and I’m still not shifting into second gear.

Sure, I go running 3 times a week and swimming 2 times a week, but that’s business as usual, it’s not the acceleration I’m looking for. I mean the one in your head, when you’re suddenly bursting with good ideas and actually get them done as well.

That last part is kind of crucial. Ideas are coming and going, some stick around, some I just forget, but seldom I put them into action. I know we had a lousy Spring, do you think that because nature is moving slower, we are as well?

Do you believe the course of the year influences our energy flow or lack there of? And if we go ‘against’ that flow, will it backfire by slowing us down or speed us up when we need to slow down?

With the Summer solstice approaching I feel quiet, at ease, a bit lazy even and overal quite comfortable. Nothing bad you could argue, but it feels like I want to scream to my brain and say; “Wake up!” 🙂

How would you give your mind a wake up call, so it can allign to the same pace as your body. As always, love to hear your thoughts!

Until next week peeps, keep moving, body and mind 🙂



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