Ramblings of a modern druidess

Does your life have a soundtrack? You know, music you always play when you’re feeling happy, but also when you’re feeling sad. Or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam and trying very hard not to murder someone.

Mine is Placebo. I suppose you could say they’re always along for the ride. They were the inspiration for my new book and I still listen to them while writing my book, so they actually are the soundtrack *grin*.
They keep me sane while on the road and they made me run faster while they were screaming in my ears for my first 10k run last Sunday.
Hell, they’re even with me in the shower *blush*. Thankfully hubby doesn’t mind 😉

And they made this week even better by announcing their new album Loud Like Love and some new tour dates, among them our own Ziggodome.

Someone asked me if I wanted to be backstage and I said “hell no!” I think he was surprised because he knows I really like their music.

I used to be backstage all the time, because that was my job, taking care of the band, but even then, when we booked a band I really liked, I always made sure I had the night off.
To me, it takes away something of the magic and I can’t have that.

Not with the soundtrack of my life 🙂

So what’s yours? Until next week peeps, cherish your soundtrack!



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