Ramblings of a modern druidess

Well, not on Wednesday or Thursday, but at least there’s a blog people! I have not forgotten you.

This week I had to change my opinion about something. You know how you’ve come to consider yourself as a so and so person? You like blue for example, but you’ve never liked red. You’re a Beatles person instead of a Rolling Stones one or vice versa. You like all sorts of music, but you’ve always hated metal for example.

Well, something along those lines happened to me this week. I got tickets to a piano concert. They were expensive tickets which I practically got for nothing, so it would be foolish to throw them away, but the pianist that would be performing never rocked my world, not ever. Until now.

The Laurenskerk in Rotterdam.

Wibi Soerjadi is a classical pianist and composer, he has been for many years. I always found his playing perfect, yet lacking something way more substancial to me, emotion. To me, it were just compositions well played, it didn’t touch my heart.

But apparantly your own taste changes and people change as well of course. Mr. Soerjadi has gone through a loss of hearing a couple of years ago, which must have been horrible for the man. During those days he composed Amor and Psyche. It has nine movements and he performed three of them night, it brought tears to my eyes and I found myself wishing some choreographer would use this piece for a ballet about Amor and Psyche. It was just magical!

He also played Chopin, my favorite composer and I was blown away by the pure emotion he put into the piece.

So I have to change my worldview to one where it includes Mr. Soerjadi and take my hat of to him, because really people, that man has fingers touched by the Angels!

Until next week peeps! Go and try some music you normally don’t listen to, you might be surprised! 🙂

Wibi Soerjadi performing.


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