Ramblings of a modern druidess

“Didn’t you forget something?” is probably what you want to say to me. Yes, I did. Last week there was no column. In my defense, I spend the entire day in front of the telly, because our queen was retiring, so we had an abdication and a coronation of our new king and queen. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I turn into this big girly tissue person who constantly wants to burst out in song or something, I just adore royalty. And they looked so pretty!

Yes, I know they cost a lot, but so do presidents and kings and queens have way prettier costumes and dresses, not to mention crowns and tiara’s, sigh. So just shut it and let me enjoy my moment.

Well, I most certainy did, but I do humbly apologize for neglecting you, my faithful followers. Rest assured, our next coronation will probably not take place any time soon, Prinses Amalia is still a little girl (they looked so cute by the way! Talk about the charmed ones!), so you can expect to hear from me next week.

Same time, same bat channel! Until next week peeps!

P.S. Arent’t they gorgeous!!



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