Ramblings of a modern druidess

Almost midnight. My birthday is almost at an end. I had a great day, surrounded by my friends and family.

Also the day of my new harp, Lady Daenerys, she is a true beauty. Everyone made a donation to get her in my home, so my plan worked out perfectly. She looks like she belongs in our home, I swear she has a sparkle!

Okay, enough raving about my new harp. Thirty eight years old, two more years till I reach the big 4-0. I like aging. I loved turning thirty and I look forward to reaching forty. Some people hate growing older, but I just love the process of life. If I look back just a decade and see how much has changed in my life, just think of the possibilities for the next ten to come!
It fills me with excitement, never with fear. So far, I love growing older, hopefully a bit wiser as well, but most of all, I love the cycle of life and on my birthday I feel connected to my own birth as well as my mortality. Life is a wonderful thing, it is not to be taken for granted. This is why we celebrate, because life is a gift and it is beautiful!

Until next week peeps, a little bit older 😉

My birthday cake made by my daughter


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