Ramblings of a modern druidess

My birthday is coming up. This usually means a girl turns into her mother and everything has to be perfect. Well, at least this is what happens to me.
Suddenly the windows have to be cleaned, the pillows on the couch seriously need a good wash, the rooftop terrace is screaming for new plants and I’m actually considering if it’s too late to order a wind- and rainproof pergola for the rooftop.

Gone overboard you wonder? Sounds like it doesn’t it. Perhaps it’s because my birthday is in the Spring, it coincides with my one moment of the year I get this craving to clean our house. Normally, not so much, I thank the gods for our weekly housekeeper, she keeps the place spotless while I struggle with my latest writersblock.

So instead of wondering how my heroine is going to get out of her latest predicament, I wonder if it would be better to get some nice colourful herbs or go for some nice Lobelia’s or Marigold and put them in hanging baskets.

So a trip to a garden centre it is I’m afraid, have to get this out of my head before tomorrow, because tomorrow is a writing day. Need my head clear, need coffee as well. Thankfully, my trusty Barista Café is always there to assist me.

Until tomorrow guys, keep those roasted nuts ready!



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