Ramblings of a modern druidess

Sitting in my favorite coffee establishment, sipping on my season latte, my book is hanging above my head like Damocles’ sword. I think I’ve finished it in my head at least a dozen times by now, but my hands just seem to loose its ability to write or something whenever I just think about opening the dreaded document file ‘the elemental’. My hands go numb and my head is starting up another game of ‘anywhere but here’, so very helpful. I’m sabotaging myself, do you know that feeling? Conciously you’re making every effort to start or finish something, but somehow it just isn’t happening. And then, a month later you look back and it’s still on you’re to-do-list.

Normally, I love to-do-lists, I crave that feeling of pulling a big fat line through one of my tasks, it’s very satisfying and it makes room inside my head for other stuff. But lately I’ve just been numb or better said in my own Dutch ‘lamgeslagen’. I love that word, though literally translated it is very strange indeed, even though it has several meanings, but in English it could read like ‘beaten lamb’. What has the poor lamb ever done do deserve such a phrase?

Any helpful advice on how to break the cycle? What do you do to kickstart yourself and more importantly, does it work?

Stay active peeps! Until next week!



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