Ramblings of a modern druidess

This one might be a little less coherent than usual. Or perhaps you think I’m never one much for coherency, you would be totally in your right to think so of course. I think the fever is getting the better of me.

Do you know that feeling when your stomach and your throat disagree? My stomach is telling me I really should have some food, but my throat is just going like, are you nuts! With the exception of orange juice perhaps, I seem to have a real craving for orange juice. Hubby promised to get me some at the end of the day.

Also I have this strange longing to be in America right now, but that’s probably pill related come to think of it. They have much better drugs. Mine aren’t doing the trick. My head still feels like it’s going to explode, my muscles hurt like hell and anyone who has seen the original Ghostbusters knows what my throat looks like, because I’ve actually become the slime monster.

And I know I’m fond of Placebo’s music, but if I hear one more joke about ‘did you forget to take your meds’, I swear I’ll kick you down the stairs. That is, as soon as my muscles start working again!

Until next week peeps, hopefully flu-free. Stay healthy! xxx



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