Ramblings of a modern druidess

Basking in the Sun at the train station of my home town is such a place where you have very little to do, if you’re on time like me that is. With fifteen minutes to spare it is always fun to take a good look at my fellow travelers. Most are in a hurry, just passing through, a brown leather suitcase misses me by just an inch. He looks back and mumbles a quick apology. I smile at him. He looks confused. Makes me wonder that the right response probably would have been yelling or calling him names. Oh well, live and learn.

I search for my ipod and scroll down to my favorite band. Softly my head fills up with the sounds of Placebo. Not a particular album, just my favorites.

I see a woman standing outside with a cigarette. She’s obviously freezing her butt off and once again I’m thankful I’m not a smoker anymore. Haven’t been one for over 13 years, sometimes it seems like only yesterday. Like with any drug, once you quit, you have a life sentence. People always act surprised when I tell them that if I light up one cigarette, I would be back to a pack a day by the following morning. I mean that. I know myself way too well.

I look at the woman and sigh, she does seem to enjoy it. But then, salvation’s ahead.

My train arrives, on time, which is pretty unusual as I understand it! 😉

Until next week peeps! Stay warm!



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