Ramblings of a modern druidess

So last Sunday I invited some ladies over for an Afternoon Tea. Maybe not that special, I’ll grant you, but this was my first attempt to make a vegan afternoon tea.

Yes, you read that correctly, vegan. My cousin has been a vegetarian all her life, but recently her partner wanted to take better care of his body and decided to go vegan and she supports his vision, so they’re both vegan now.

So no regular butter, no milk, no eggs, no meat, no fish. Quite a challenge I can tell you when your invitation menu reads ‘brownies, scones, clotted cream, mini quiches and finger sandwiches. How on earth does one bake brownies without eggs? Well, as it turns out, with apple sauce. Excuse me? Yes yes, I’m not pulling your leg. A certain amount of apple sauce is good for one egg. Who knew! For the scones I could use soy milk, same for the clotted cream. It turned out more like whipcream, but it tasted pretty good.

Unfortunately I completely messed up my mini quiches. I was told that tofu would bind the soymilk, but my puff pasty came out of the oven as a soggy, rather unattractive mess 😦

So I quickly made a batch of regular ones. The finger sandwiches were a lot easier than I anticipated. There are like 50 different vegan sandwiches out there and it isn’t very hard to turn them into a mini version. So you take a lot of soy crème fresh, throw advocado’s around, mix it with all sorts of nuts, become good friends with both zuccini and eggplant and grab your hands on any kind of mushroom.

The result is a very happy crowd who can’t get enough and stays till the end of the afternoon, even without a vegan mini quiche. But who needs mini quiches when you have these wonderful love-brownies?

And on that note, have a great Valentine tomorrow peeps! Until next week.


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